Five Significant Functions Of Packaging

Whoever invented the packaging machines, did a major favor to us because now we can’t even imagine our daily routine life without these incredible machines. Packing machines complete the packaging process. There are several types of such machines including sealing machines, strapping machines, filling machines, labelling machines, wrapping machines, and coding machines. Only an experienced packing machine supplier can guide which machine is suitable for your needs.

These machines perform several functions, but we will be discussing the five most significant and basic functions of packing. These five functions are:

•    Protection

•    Containment

•    Information

•    Utility

•    Promotion

All of these functions are vital to run a business in today’s times. Let’s see what each of them mean and why it is important.


Every product has an expiry date it doesn’t matter if it is natural or manufactured. The environment and ravages of time affect the product inevitably. The main purpose of packaging is to provide protection from the elements that can be harmful to the product. There are different classes for protection function including protection against natural deterioration, physical protection, safety, and waste reduction.

Protection against natural deterioration: interaction of product with microbiological organisms like bacteria, molds, and yeast, gases and fumes, desiccation, containments, rodents and insects, and water can affect the original state.

Physical protection: the packaging improves shock protection, and it also reduces the damage caused by vibration, friction, snagging, and impact for example cup packing machine saves the contents from spilling.

Safety: products which are hazardous are transported in special packaging. Radioactive elements, inflammable gas, liquids, and toxic materials are dangerous to handle and can cause injuries, but special packing provides safety against them. It also makes them unreachable for children.

Waste reduction: this is relevant for food especially as unpacked items rot fast.


Packaging not only mean wrappers for the products, but it also includes giant wraps and straps that are used to ship bulky items from one place to another. Adhesives, shrouds of plastic films, and straps of steel have all made it possible to ship even the most fragile items.


Customers receive the necessary information through the packaging. The common information provided by the packing includes general features of the product, the net weight of the contents, ingredients, price, and info about the manufacturer.

Sometimes it is imperative to provide more detailed information like expiry date, nutritional benefits, warning and cautions, methods of preparation, and side effects. The medicines and some food items require this kind of detailed information, and it is all delivered through the packing.


There is no denying that it has been possible only because packaging that we can enjoy hot meals prepared somewhere else or frozen food. Convenience packaging is the ultimate best type of packing.


Attractive colors, catchy captions, artistic designs, logos, and symbols on the packing are all part of marketing and promotions. The mentioned tactics play a major role in influencing consumers’ decisions. Good quality packaging assures about the quality of products and catchy packing force consumers to buy certain products. Experienced packing machine supplier know how to play because when the products are placed on shelves, the packaging competition starts as it is obvious buyer would invest in the product that can attract the most.