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Common Speed Flexographic Printing Machine


Flexographic Printing Machine


Model Printing Width Printing Length Printing Speed Plate Thickness Machine Dimension
YT-2600 600mm 180-1200mm 60m/min 2.38mm 2300*1600*2200mm
YT-2800 800mm 180-1200mm 60m/min 2.38mm 2300*1800*2200mm
YT-21000 1000mm 180-1200mm 60m/min 2.38mm 2300*2000*2200mm
YT-4600 600mm 180-1200mm 60m/min 2.38mm 4800*1600*2400mm
YT-4800 800mm 180-1200mm 60m/min 2.38mm 4800*1800*2400mm
YT-41000 1000mm 180-1200mm 60m/min 2.38mm 4800*2000*2400mm
YT-6600 600mm 180-990mm 60m/min 2.38mm 4800*1600*2400mm
YT-6800 800mm 180-990mm 60m/min 2.38mm 4800*1800*2800mm
YT-61000 1000mm 180-990mm 60m/min 2.38mm 4800*2000*2800mm


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