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Computer-controlled Ribbon-through Garbage Bag Machine


Computer-controlled Ribbon-through Garbage Bag Machine


Designed and developed by assimilating the foreign technologies, this machine adopts LDPE/HDPE as raw materials to make ribbon-through garbage bag or BOPP/PP flat-open bag. It is featured with computer-control, photocell tracking, automatically temperature-control, automatically counting and alarming. Meanwhile, it can also finish edge-folding, mouth –forming, ribbon-through and perforating at one step, which guarantees that firm, regular and nice mouth and side sealing can be achieved. Furthermore, it can be specially designed for making continuous-winding bags. With optional functions like multi-folding and dotting, it is an ideal supporting equipment for bag making machines.

Main technical parameters

Model RDL1000 RDL1200
Width of bag-making (mm) ≤780 ≤780
Length of bag-making  (mm) ≤900 ≤1100
Thickness of film (mm) 0.01-0.05 0.01-0.05
Speed of  bag-making (pcs/min) 15-50 15-50
Power supply (V) 380 380
Total power (kw) 8 10
Normal working (kw) 4 6
Weight of machine (kg) 1200 1500
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)(mm) 6300×2200×1950 6300×2400×1950

Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.

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