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Paper Straw Making Machine

Paper Straw Making Machine

Paper straw machine, including paper unwinding, gluing, twisting, cutting, conveying and collecting units,  equipped with multi round knife to cut off paper drink straw on line. It is suitable for making 5-12mm diameter paper drink straw.

  1. This machine adopts PLC control, the main machine is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation, and the man-machine interface is touch screen, which is simple to set up and easy to operate;
  2. The cutting unit adopts servo multi-knife cutting system, servo motor synchronous tracking and cutting, high precision, saving time and efficiency;
  3. Low-voltage electrical appliances adopt Schneider, the use of electrical components is more stable, and the service life is longer;
  4. The main accessories are made of stainless steel to ensure the product is hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Technical Parameters:

Paper Layer 1-3 layer
Straw Inner diameter 5-12mm
Straw wall-thickness 0.3-1 mm
Cutting Length 100-800mm
Speed 0-42meter/min
Cutter 5 sets
Gluing Way Single、 double sides
Power Supply 380V/3Phase/50Hz
Power 7.7Kw
Measurement 5600*1600*1750mm
Working Space 11000mm * 6000mm*2000mm
Weight 2000kgs


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