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Two Layer Film Blowing Machine


Two-layer Co-extruder Film Blowing Machine



The machine plasticizes two identical or different raw substances by two extrudes and extrudes them into the complex machine head, then produces the co-extruding molded complex film. By this way, it make possible to enhance the film’s physical performance, rigidity, good insulation-proof and impenetrability. The machine entails advanced consecutive rotation machine head, ensures smooth and homogeneous products, meets the film’s quality requirement during the subsequent working procedure of the packing machine or the printer, also is useable for manufacturing the complex bead sheen film, complex hydro-packing film, insulation film, multi-functional farming film, Etc, its application range is gradually widening to the target of plastic product development.

Main technical parameters

Model ZD-50×2/FM1050 ZD-55×2/FM1250 ZD-60×3/FM1550
Dia. of Screw 50mm×2 55mm×3 60mm×2
Screw L/D Ratio 28:1 28:1 28:1
Main Motor Power 15kw×2 18.5kw×3 22kw×2
Extrusion Output 40kg/h×3 45kg/h×3 55kg/h×2
Single-side Thickness of Film 0.015-0.10mm 0.015-0.10mm 0.01-0.10mm
Max. Width of Film 1000mm 1200mm 1500kw
Heating Power 26kw 30kw 42kw
Installing Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 4.2×2.2×5.0m 4.6×2.4×5.5m 5.0×2.8×6.0m
Weight 2500kg 2800kg 3200kg
Model ZD-65×3/FM1900 ZD-55×3/FM1250
Dia. of Screw 65mm×2 75mm×3
Screw L/DRratio 28:1 28:1
Main Motor Power 30kw×2 37kw×2
Extrusion Output 60kg/h×2 70kg/h×2
Single-side Thickness of Film 0.015-0.10mm 0.01-0.10mm
Max. width of Film 1800mm 2000mm
Total Power 55kw 70kw
Installing Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 5.0×2.8×7.8m 5.0×2.8×9.8m
Weight 3800kg 4500kg

Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.



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